What is Transhumanity?

Transhumanity consists of the application in everyday life of transhumanist ideas, particularly those concerning the Threefold Transcendence:

  1. Transcendence of the human body:
    • Superior capability—optimization of biological processes and their mechanical extension, thanks to breakthroughs in genetics, fitness, nutrition, and cybernetics
    • Superior beauty—modification of human appearance for maximum appeal to human preferences, thanks to breakthroughs in medical and surgical techniques
    • Superior vitality—extension of high-quality life, thanks to breakthroughs in genetics, fitness, nutrition, and general medicine
  2. Transcendence of the human mind:
    • Superior perception—enhancement of human senses, thanks to breakthroughs in cybernetics
    • Superior cognition—enhancement of human mental throughput, thanks to breakthroughs in cybernetics and to other advances that bridge the gap between biological computers (viz., the human brain) and artificial computers
    • Superior recollection—enhancement of human memory and recall, thanks again to breakthroughs in cybernetics and human–computer interfaces
  3. Transcendence of the human spirit:
    • Superior rationality—eradication of irrational superstitions and biases
    • Superior emotionality—amplification of preferred emotions, together with palliation of other emotions
    • Superior willpower—strengthening of the human will, which enables humans to commit to and to maintain an elected course of action despite adverse stimuli

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Whereas “transhumanism” describes merely the philosophical affirmation of a hodgepodge of ideas relating to the Threefold Transcendence, “transhumanity” implies the personal practice—to the extent possible at present—of these ideas in everyday life.

One can profess transhumanism without practicing transhumanity, but one cannot easily practice transhumanity without professing transhumanism. The transhumanity movement is, therefore, a proper subset of the overarching philosophical school of transhumanism.

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