What is Transhumanity Church?

Transhumanity Church consists of unorganized, loosely affiliated individuals who seek to enhance our own transhumanity by drawing inspiration from and challenging each other. Like clockwork gears, together, we progress. You can join us by creating an account with the Transhumanist Union.

Our Beliefs in Outline

  1. Epistemology:
    1. Scientific materialism. We believe that the scientific method—hypothesis and empirical falsification unaided by appeal to supernatural dogma—provides the most accurate understanding of material reality.
    2. Transcendental idealism. We accept, as a matter of practicality, that introspection and synthetical argumentation, tested against personal experience of phenomena, can enhance our understanding of aspects of mental and ideal reality about which scientific materialism remains silent.
  2. Sociology:
    1. Technological progressivism. We believe that technology builds on itself, driving history in one direction: forward.
    2. Historical humanism. We believe (i) that humanity, as we know it, is an historical phenomenon; (ii) that the essence of the human condition changes over time; and (iii) that humanity, as we know it, is passing away.
  3. Ethics:
    1. Existential nihilism. We believe that human life has no inherent meaning or purpose.
    2. Political insouciance. We believe (i) that transhumanity is a natural and unavoidable consequence of technological progressivism and (ii) that transhumanity transcends political sectarianism; therefore, while our individual members take their own positions on issues, as a group, we maintain disinterested noninvolvement in politics.
    3. Practical transhumanism. Finally, we explicitly and unequivocally affirm the technology-enabled transcendence of the human body, mind, and spirit.

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